EFRY Annual Report | 2014 Highlights
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2014 Highlights


Demand for EFry’s support has never been higher. We served 14,230 clients this year, up from 9,760 in 2013. Twenty-five per cent (3,543) of our clients were children.

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We undertook our first volunteer survey

to learn about their experiences with EFry and gain feedback on the program in which they work. Ninety-five per cent provided highly positive feedback.

We participated in a PILOT PROJECT at the Alouette Correctional Centre for Women to help women find affordable housing immediately after release. Called the Integrated Offender Management Program and Homelessness Intervention Project (IOM/HIP), it NEARLY HALVED RECIDIVISM rates and has been MADE A PERMANENT PROGRAM for the prison.

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The McConnell Foundation at the Innoweave Centre supported EFry in developing a comprehensive model of MEASURING OUR IMPACT IN CLIENTS’ LIVES. The selected measures are research-based to enable EFry to collect data on indicators closely linked to reduced recidivism, homelessness, and addiction for clients.

ASPHALT GALS RECYCLING LIMITED (AGRL), our social enterprise that provides site cleanup and recycling services for roofing companies, entered its third year of operations. It provides training and employment for women who have been in conflict with the law.

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We AUTHORED GENDER, EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: Comprehensive Integration for Canadian Federally Sentenced Women for the Correctional Service of Canada and the Canadian Association of Residential Options for Women (CAROW).


WE ASSISTED several women from the homeless camps in Abbotsford to move INTO HOUSING. Everyone we assisted remains housed.


We developed a partnership with Simon Fraser University’s Institute for the Reduction of Youth Violence and their Child & Family Research Institute to DEVELOP A MODEL FOR SUPPORTING THE PARENT-CHILD BOND for children with incarcerated mothers.

WE EXPANDED OUR JUSTKIDS OFFERINGS to include spring breaks camps and more summer camps, and raised the participation age from 13 to 15. In total, we supported 1613 children through our JustKids initiative.

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WE LAUNCHED A BLOG to provide insights into EFry’s work and the unique perspectives of our staff, volunteers and clients on the work we do.