EFRY Annual Report | Successful Community Living
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Successful Community Living



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EFry operates four residential programs that provide addiction recovery and relapse prevention support, all of which operated at capacity in 2014.


EFry provides two family counselling programs, one in Burnaby and the other on the North Shore. In total, we supported 97 families, with 94 per cent of those in Burnaby and 79 per cent of those in North Vancouver achieving their counselling goals.

Through our Third Party Administration (TPA) program, EFry assists clients in receiving statutory and regulatory entitlements from social assistance. EFry asks as a broker of services between the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation to receive funds and benefits for clients who are not permitted direct access to government offices, usually for behavioural reasons. EFry also helps these clients address the factors that led to their being referred to the program such as money management, emotional management, and connection to community resources to help address their challenges. In 2014, we provided TPA services to 1637 people. Our goals are two-fold: first, to accept and serve all clients, which EFry has done for nearly 100 per cent of those referred to us for the past ten years and second, to return clients to the Ministry for regular service. Clients returning to service exceed Ministry set benchmarks by 20 per cent in Vancouver and 80 per cent in Surrey.

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